Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Straight Look at Being Gay

Let me be up front I am not gay. I have many friends who are both gay and bi-sexual. I think gay and bi-esexual people are just people like me.

I cannot become gay even if it seems like sometimes I might be better off. I think gay people don't choose to be gay just like I did not choose to be herto.

The only time I feel uncomfortable with anyone's gayness is if they want to have sex with me, or pursue me on a sexual level.

I do not go for bi-sexual men or women. I have met a few bi-sexual men that I thought about having sex with but decided I did not want to be with them on a sexual level.

I think as far as gay marriage goes I cannot comprehend people wanting government intrusion in their relationship but if they demand it why not let them have it.

I do want gay people to feel welcome here and to add comments that are in keeping with their views.

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