Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take Your Date To a Strip Joint if You Dare

Going to a strip joint is a tradition for many men's bachelor parties for their buddies last night of debauchery and date that may/or not be forgotten for most. It just old ole boy fun right?

Hey guys have you ever thought of of taking someone you are dating out to a strip joint? Of course you would have to be certain that the date is with someone who is open to this kind of thing.

Many couples in LTR could rev daddy's engines a little by the woman suggesting that he take her to a strip joint for part of a hot nite on the town. I hope to see more women suggesting this.

Some women would really enjoy going out to a strip joint. Some would want to watch women dance on a pole and get some pointers for those who have a poles in their workout room.

If you want to have one of the entertainers to join you or dance for you then be prepared to pay the entertainers rate. Some places have you buy bottle or glass of champagne to have an entertainer sit with you plus the dancer will charge a fee. But, guys who have been to strip joints already know this. ;)

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