Monday, April 18, 2011

Sex Hang Ups

When Liz was a young developing teenager she was practically attacked by some man if she walked out her door almost everyday after age 13. She managed to ward them off until 16. She took to ballet, kung fu, ti-chi, body double, modeling hands and, feet ect like a fish to water. When Liz was young she kicked some ass and was mean as hell.

She didn't understand why the sex thing was so out of hand all the time except she knew she had a exceptional body. She just liked working out and getting paid to model because of her body. She drew crowds even in grocery stores men would chase her and she learned to out run most of them.

Later on in her 20's she had lots of sexual problems and her husband was one of them. She was unable to form a close bond with any man for several years. But, she did have some encounters that were pretty intense.

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