Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nothing Seems to Make People Smile Like Sex Does

I have been very fortunate that my look has made people think about sex. For a very long time I avoided people that I knew were very attracted to me so many of them ya know. I knew I would never have clothes on again if I allowed myself to subcome to all the people interested in having sex with me. By the time I finally gave into the skin business I was very disillusioned. The money was good and I took advantage of my big boobs and sweet ass. When I was younger I thought men would loose interest in me as I aged but it does not seem to be the case as I have encountered many a cub seeking out cougars. As I have aged I have found a playfulness about sex that I did not have when I was a young and quite serious tease. I see people letting go of expectations regarding sex and learning to enjoy thinking and living out fantasies. I see people accepting who they are and accepting others for who they are. Most of all I have learned that sex rather it be the actual act or all in the mind makes people smile. I love to see people smile so bed over babe and crack me a wide one. It is the true anti aging tonic so enjoy and do no harm and smile.

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