Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sex Therapy The Root Chakra

Sex therapy is a field where people can explore and treat sexual dysfunction. Sex addiction, erectile dysfunction, low libido, painful sex are all conditions that may be treated with sex therapy.

Having been in the Adult industry my experiences with people exploring their sexuality has lead me to want to understand what is happening with my fellow human being and their sexuality.
I have learned much about human nature and our sexuality thru working in the Adult Industry. There is a reason Strip Clubs and Prostitution is still such booming business even in this bad economy.

Obviously, there is a lot of dissatisfaction with sexuality. Humanity is seriously disconnected from their sexuality. Maybe this is why humanity have not gotten our shit together. Many individuals have been plain taught wrong. We are shamed to our core and it keeps anything from being truly satisfying. We still do not know who and what we are. We are energy our energy creates our physical world. Why do people disconnect from their sexuality? I think most of it starts at birth with diapering.

The messages that humanity gives their infants during this time of development is what shapes our attitudes towards sexuality. The first Chakra energy site of the body can be seriously disturbed by the parents being disdainful or neglectful toward their child for having released their bladders or bowels into their diaper. Telling children that these functions are nasty or gross is harmful to them and is probably the root cause of constipation and I would dare to say that almost everyone who has this as a chronic condition has had this root Chakra abuse passed on to them and are probably passing it on to their children.

The root Chakra circuit connects us to our ancestry on the level of spirit and to our organs and structures of the lower abdomen and back in our physical body. How can we heal this my brothers and sisters my fellow humans? We have to begin this healing process. By learning not only about our physical body but about our spirits we an heal the root causes of all of humanities diseases.

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