Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newsvine - Sexless Marriage.

Does age make a difference in sexual compatibility? I say hell yes it does. I think men are totally stupid to marry a woman 20 years their junior unless they expect infidelity or at least much frustration. The title link is to an article written by a friend of mine @ Newsvine.com. She describes her concern and frustration at the reduced amount of sex in her 6 year marriage. Her husband is older than she is by 20 years.

I was married to a man 11 years older than me when I was 18. I like her found the sex dwindling and the tension got way out of hand so I left. The discussion in this article that follows is very interesting as well. i suggest that a man 20 years older than a very physically fit and active younger woman who intends to marry her ought to expect that his level of sexual activity is going to decrease while her level of desire may increase as she is secreting more ovum and that will naturally and greatly increase her desire for more sex. I realize that men think a lot about sex no matter what their age but thinking ain't doing. A persons fertility level naturally increases their desire to have sex. The woman also needs to be made very aware that when she is 25 and the man is 45 that physically they will not be as compatible and that it could lead to heart breaking results. Not being honest about this is just wrong.

Newsvine - Sexless Marriage.

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