Thursday, August 26, 2010

Predict your Ovulation.

I have heard many women say they do not like being on the pill and other ovulation blocking drugs that make your body think it is pregnant. Many complain about the side effects.

I want to encourage women to not be afraid to learn more about their bodies and learn how to predict your ovulation and encorporate this knowledge in avoiding and getting pregneant.

You will notice I have installed an Ovulation Predictor I haope you will use it to learn about when you are most likely to get pregnant. Women paid attention to these things for centuries and I can tell ya it is a lot less harmful than the pill but it is for women who want to be in touch with their bodies.

The diaphragm is the perfect compliment to using the ovulation predictor as birth control it is safe and effective. I used one for years and was very pleased with it. I am very glad I use it because the side effect of the pills were way too much for me and I got pregnant with an IUD once and had complications.

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