Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sexual Reaity

Men enjoy chasing women. For many men it is almost a sport. I am very much convinced that the "chase" is their very favorite game to play with women. Some men love to flirt and be noticed by women and they have a name for these types of men. Some men are much more subtle but, most men will light up when a beautiful woman is in their sight. Women who light men up could rule the world! If you see the man in your life light up while he is looking a you then you will know you have the upper hand with them.

If you cannot understand this about men you will never understand why the sex industry is so popular. There must be a lot of unsatisfied men on this planet. One of the reasons Muslim women have to cover them selves is because the men know how they are when it comes to women. I think it is barzar how women are punished for man's thoughts and actions or that they could get away with stoning a woman because a man raped her. Meaning men do not have to take responsibility for their own actions towards women.

Prostitutes and Adult Entertainers make their living on lighting up men's fantasy life. The sex industry is probably one of the most stable industries in this country and around the world. Because men love to be lit up. It makes their brains release some good endorphins. I am sure this industry would cease to exists if men were more understood by the women in their lives. Strippers understand the tease is more important than the please. A good stripper will never have sex with a customer. This is why they are so popular.

That women and children are still sold into slavery for sex is the worst aspect of the sex industry. I feel really bad about this part but, I know as long as men have this lust for women and children it will continue. Most of us were shocked by the the investigative news show that were enticing men to meet a child for sex. A Priest, principal of a school, a doctor and dozens of others were caught. Yea it was a set up these poor men were entrapped. Society still turns a blind eye to it except in cases that get sensationalized by the media. It is a blot on society that has not been properly dealt with.

People say if men did not seek sex so diligently that women would not sell the sexual act yet women need to take responsibility for the contribution they make.

Live sex is very big on the internet. There are many adult entertainment establishments. Men are spending loads of money and college girls are paying for their educations. So that is the good thing about it. I am very sure that most Adult Entertainment clubs have people of legal age working for them. They are regulated in most states so I feel pretty confident that the entertainers have the freedom to choose if they want to be in employed in one or not. As the job market keeps getting tighter and money becomes more worthless more young women many of whom are single parents will flock to webcam modeling and adult entertainment clubs. Most state's liquor enforcement agency regularly patrol these places and I am sure a place with under aged people working would be shut down pretty fast. Especially in the bars.

Sex is the biggest addiction as far as I can tell. I am sure that many people do not see their behavior concerning sex as addiction and, I am sure that many people are in denial about it too. It is pretty difficult to regulate as well. Women become obsessed with men and healthy men are driven away by an obsessed woman. It is not too common that a healthy person becomes involved with an obsessed person because the polarity does not attract a healthy person.

Unhealthy relationships often start too quickly, are very magnetic, love at first sight, romantic encounters; usually. People expect certain things in relationships and are sometimes dismayed by what they get. I learned this from hanging out in 12 step rooms working on my recovery from co-dependency due to the addiction that runs deep in my family. Not all sex addicts take drugs, smoke or drink but I am sure almost all addict/alcoholics have issues concerning their sexuality. I had an alcohol problem which I overcame with nutritional, mental,and chiropractic care. I did not go to AA for help with my alcohol problem. I did join 12 steps to help me work on my family and personal relationships. It has helped a lot.

I don't blame anyone for the way things are about sexuality. What I would like to see and hear about is more dialog and more openness between people in concerning sexuality. We need to get honest and pull out all the stops. People need help they don't understand and know all the aspects of our sexuality and how connected it is to our spirits. Children get abused sexually everyday and carry unacknowledged scars and wounds that need healing. Children get abused by people who were abused and confused by religion making it so spiritual in nature. Some abusers use religion to ritualize abuse. It lowers the dignity of all society.

I would like to think that the porn and adult industry don't enslave women and children I think the biggest problem is with actual prostitution. I think prostitution needs to be legal so it can be regulated normally, I am not for regulation of a market. I know it most likely will not be allowed to be legal unless it is regulated. I think it being illegal makes human trafficking much more likely to happen. The black market is a very free market and money spent in and on it is huge business. I think that some of the most stable high cash flow business goes to the black markets. Drugs and prostitution are multi billion dollar industries that could be working in regular society paying taxes. People who work in the black market do not pay as much taxes as do regular people who work in legal markets. Then maybe they would be less popular too for the people who are attracted to civil disobedience. I am sure there are many people who get a thrill out of doing something illegal especially young people.I would like to see drugs and prostitution taken out of the hands of the young. I am pretty sure no drug dealer or man who picks up an under aged prostitute asks for ID.


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