Saturday, September 11, 2010

No More Adult Service Ads on Craigslist

I have worked in the adult entertainment field on and off for years as a dancer, costumer, and a bartender.

I used to use craigslist to find dancers for the bar I work in. I felt pretty good about perhaps preventing young women from getting into the prostitution/escort world. Dancing does pay well but not as good as escort services claim to pay. People may think of dancers as whores but, I would alot rather my daughter dance than be an escort.

With the economy as tight as it is and many people are out of work many of the young women doing the web cam thing would have never started if they could find a job or if they made enough money to support themselves and their children on the job they have.

Where I work many of the women are single parents trying to keep their heads above water a few of them have husbands who are out of work. I feel very protective of them all and I do everything I can to help them do their job with dignity so they don't have trouble sleeping at night.

There has been a few bad things happen as a result of a craiglist ad. How many women have been murdered who work on the street? Many of them way before craigslist came to be. Craigslist did not bring prostitution to an innocent world by any streach of the imagination. I think someone must believe if they don't see it in their face it is not happening. I think the more it is pushed out of sight the more bad things can happen.

I think trafficking in young girls and boys is a bad and children need to be protected. I hear pedophiles want to be accepted as an alternative lifestyle like being gay. I don't know what the solution is. I do know that banning adult ads on craigslist will not make it go away. We can't keep sweeping this under the rug cause everyone can sill tell there is something under it.

People still do not know what their sexuality is about or how to use it especially here in America. I am really trying very hard to get people to talk about it. We need to stop sweeping this stuff under the rug.

Being a trained musician and a dancer and living for art I see things every day that are a part of our world that people do not want to deal with. The artist of the world try to bring honesty and beauty to a world that does not really see. The physical body is beautiful. In motion people who know how to see can see the energy, grace and beauty. It makes men happy to see a beautiful female body and women too can also see the male body as something to be hold. We are made to love and to seek out beauty how in the hell did it turn into something so bad?

I think that it is so hypocritical for people to call prostitution a criminal act and that the very people who make it a crime also go to prostitutes and are are prostitutes I guess for politicians it is okay cause it is their job to screw everybody.

There are a lot of peope who are kinda down on their luck which makes them prime targets for exploitation especially if they are young and beautiful. Stop buying your daughters computers with web cams to go off to school with if you do not want them to be selling their image by the minute to some geek who can hack in to their IP address and find out who they are and open them up for potiental backmail later when they get their careers going and even perhaps stalk them. There is a whole lot of women doing this. The web cam thing is hurting all other aspects of the adult porn industry because it is soooooo big. web cams and the cell phones too. I am sure that many of the people doing it rationalize it by saying that because their is no physical contact that makes it at least cleaner and a college girl can be in front of her web cam while doing her home work and be paid.

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